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TTFLUOR primary DRGs

Reference: P20202

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Data Sheet

TTFFLUOR DRGs are Green fluorescent primary DRG cells, which has been developed through transient transfection with tGFP expression vector expressing the green fluorescent protein gene sequences as free cytoplasmatic protein.

Within 2-3 days in culture, the fluorescent DRG neurons display extensive neurite outgrowth. On day 10 approximately they show the same size and neurochemical type distribution as freshly dissociated rat DRG neurons. This is consistent with the generally accepted view that after 9 days in culture, DRG neurons are physiologically mature.

About DRGs

Dorsal root ganglion is a group of sensory nerve cell bodies.  They pass sensory information to neurons in the spinal cord so it can be analyzed by the brain. In anatomy and neurology, the dorsal root ganglion (or spinal ganglion) is a nodule on a dorsal root that contains cell bodies of neurons in afferent spinal nerves. Cultured adult rat dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurons can be used to study depolarization-induced Ca2+ mobilization and the effects of intracellular Ca2+ depletion on neurite outgrowth. DRGs are very useful to evaluate the neuroprotective & neurotoxicity effects of new agents.

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